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All you ever wanted to know about inequality

By Mark R. Elsis |
“The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return.” –Gore Vidal

Wealth Inequality In America

Infographics On The Distribution Of Wealth In America, Highlighting Both The Inequality And The Difference Between Our Perception Of Inequality And The Actual Numbers. The Reality Is Often Not What We Think It Is.
Richard Wilkinson: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies
Income Is Down 28% For American Median Prime-Aged Males In The Last 40 Years
Nick Hanauer On Income Inequality

U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%
Western Wages Have Plummeted So Low That A Two-Income Family Is Now (On Average) 15% Poorer Than A One-Income Family Of 40 Years Ago.
by Jeff Nielson
US Worst Income Disparity In World

America Is Even More Unequal Than It Seems
by Salvatore Babones
How Wealth Reduces Compassion
As Riches Grow, Empathy For Others Seems To Decline
by Daisy Grewal
The Spirit Level:
Why Equality Is Better For Everyone
by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
Economic Recovery For Whom?
by Richard D. Wolff
The Ed Show — US Income Disparity Ranks Among Third World Countries

Top 1% Enjoyed 93% Of Economic Recovery In 2010: Report
US Income Disparity 1/3

US Income Disparity 2/3 (1969-2009)

US Income Disparity 3/3 (Structure Of Income)

It’s The Inequality, Stupid
Eleven Charts That Explain What’s Wrong With America.
by Dave Gilson and Carolyn Perot
U.S. Income Disparity – C-SPAN Video Library
A Guide To Statistics On Historical Trends In Income Inequality
by Chad Stone, Hannah Shaw, Danilo Trisi and Arloc Sherman
Their Plan For Low-Wage America
Jobs Are Coming Back, But You Can Forget About A Living Wage — Unless You And Your Co-Workers Are Organized Enough To Demand One.
Five Reasons Why The Very Rich Have Not Earned Their Money
by Paul Buchheit
Five Facts That Put America To Shame
by Paul Buchheit
The “Buffett Rule” Charade
Barack Obama Is Talking A Lot About The Buffett Rule, But It Wouldn’t Come Close To Making The Rich Pay Their “Fair Share.”
by Gary Lapon
Tax Fairness Debate Takes Center Stage In Presidential Election Year (Audio and Text)
The Top 10 Facts About The Wage Gap
Women Are Still Earning Less Than Men Across The Board
By Sarah Jane Glynn and Audrey Powers
Five Tax Fallacies Invented By The 1%
by Paul Buchheit
May Day Charts: We Don’t Currently Reward Our Workers
by Annie-Rose Strasser
It’s Executives And The Finance Sector Causing Surging 1% Income Growth!
by Lawrence Mishel and Natalie Sabadish
Stephen King: Tax Me, For F@%&’s Sake!
The Iconic Writer Scolds The Superrich (Including Himself—and Mitt Romney) For Not Giving Back, And Warns Of A Kingsian Apocalyptic Scenario If Inequality Is Not Addressed In America.
by Stephen King
Report: How CEO Compensation Is Fueling Inequality
CEOs Were Paid 231 Times More Than Workers In 2011.
Stunning Income Inequality Data Of The Day
by Digby
The Rich Hurt You And Me Every Day, New Book Reveals How The Rich  —  And Rampant Income Inequality They Foster — Hurt You And Me, Every Day.
99 To 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking The World And What We Can Do About It, by Chuck Collins
by Sam Pizzigati
US Families Saddled With Debt, Have Few Savings
by Kate Randall
No Country For Rich Men
From Manhattan To Monaco, The World’s Wealthiest People Are Disconnecting Into A Class Of Stateless Transients.
by Sam Pizzigati
The Price Of Inequality
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Preying On The Poor
How Government And Corporations Use The Poor As Piggy Banks
by Barbara Ehrenreich
How Hard Is Poverty Hitting Your County?
A Map Of Changes In Poverty, County By County.
by Andy Hull, Nick McClellan, and Troy K. Schneider
Born Poor, Stay Poor: The Scandal Of Social Immobility
Report Reveals Shocking Gulf In Life Chances Between Those From Rich Backgrounds And The Rest
by Andrew Grice
Who Will Step Up And Save The Middle Class?
Liberals Must Face The Stark Truth: Both Parties Have Agreed To Sacrifice The Middle.
by Jeff Faux
Study: CEO Pay Increased 127 Times Faster Than Worker Pay Over Last 30 Years
by Travis Waldron
US CEO Pay Continues To Climb
by David Brown
Photos From Space Show Shocking Income Inequality
by Rachel James
UNICEF: US Among Highest Child Poverty Rates In Developed Countries
The States With The Widest Gap Between Rich And Poor
The 1 Percent’s Problem
Why Won’t America’s 1 Percent—such As The Six Walmart Heirs, Whose Wealth Equals That Of The Entire Bottom 30 Percent — Be A Bit More . . . Selfish? As The Widening Financial Divide Cripples The U.S. Economy, Even Those At The Top Will Pay A Steep Price.
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Half Of Americans In Households Receiving Government Aid
by Andre Damon
How Inequality Wrecks Everything We Care About
by Chuck Collins
Family Net Worth Drops To Level Of Early ’90s, Fed Says
by Binyamin Appelbaum
This Next Generation Will Be Left Behind In The Land Of No Opportunity
by Salvatore Babones
The War On Old Folks
by Susan J. Douglas
Fed Report Shows Crisis Has Thrown Back Us Families 20 Years
by Patrick Martin
The Price Of Inequality
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Death By Degrees
America Is No Longer A Land Of Opportunity
by Joseph Stiglitz
Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality
by Paul Buchheit
8 Ways America’s Headed Back To The Robber-Baron Era
We Are Recreating The Gilded Age, A Period When Corporations Ruled This Nation, Buying Politicians, Using Violence Against Unions And Engaging In Open Corruption.
by Erik Loomis
Corporate Profits At All-Time High;
Wages At All-Time Low: Can We Call It Class War Yet?
The Middle Class Is Being Hollowed Out; Increasingly, There Are The Super-Super-Rich, And There Are The Rest Of Us.
by Sarah Jaffe
After Austerity: The Widening Gap Between Rich And Poor

Fifty Shades Of Capitalism
Pain And Bondage In The American Workplace
by Lynn Parramore
Pursuing The American Dream:
Economic Mobility Across Generations
by Leonard Lopoo and Thomas DeLeire
America’s Long Slope Down
by David Cay Johnston
Technology Doesn’t Cause Inequality – Deliberate Policy Change Does
The 1% Likes To Blame Technological Innovation For Income Redistribution But Calculated Policy Changes Are At Fault
by Dean Baker
Are Millennials The Screwed Generation?
by Joel Kotkin
Are Americans Better Off Than Their Parents?
A New Report From The Pew Economic Mobility Project Has Some Observers Celebrating How Well Americans Are Doing Compared To Their Parents.
But The Report’s Figures, Upon Closer Inspection, Give Little Cause For Celebration.
by Salvatore Babones
Vertical Immobility: American Dream Too Steep To Climb

The Single Mother Myth
Inequality Is Glaring And Growing Worse In U.S. Society — And The New York Times Has A Handy Scapegoat To Explain It All: Single Mothers.
by Jen Roesch
Social Status: Why All Men Are Not Created Equal
by Philip Ball
U.S. Poverty Heads Toward Highest Level In 50 Years
The Official Poverty Rate Will Rise From 15.1 Percent In 2010, Climbing As High As 15.7 Percent, Economists Predict.,0,5437495.story
Bill Moyers And Chris Hedges On Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’

Debt Inequality Is The New Income Inequality
New Report Shows Rising US Child Poverty
by David Brown
How Our ‘Growth’ Obsession Drives Inequity, And May Kill Us All
by Imara Jones
Study: Rich, Poor Americans Increasingly Likely To Live In Separate Neighborhoods
by Carol Morello
If You Worry About Civic Inequality, You Should Also Worry About Economic Inequality
by David Callahan
‘US Votes Counted In Dollars Of 1%, Not In Voices Of 99%’

The State Of America’s Children 2012
by Marian Wright Edelman
The 64-Gazillion-Dollar Question
A Top Authority On Poverty Has Changed His Mind About The Urgency Of Fighting Inequality.
by Sam Pizzigati
One In Four Mississippi Residents Struggle To Afford Food
North Dakota Has Lowest Percentage Of Residents Unable To Afford Food
by Alyssa Brown
U.S. Middle Class Set Back Over Last Decade-Report
Wealth, Standard Of Living Drop For Middle Income Group Americans Blame Congress, Banks For Their Woes
by Susan Heavey
Wealthy Americans ‘Less Generous’ Than Middle-Class Americans: Study
The Lost Decade Of The Middle Class
Fewer, Poorer, Gloomier
Pew Research: “Fewer, Poorer, Gloomier: The Lost Decade Of The Middle Class”
New Poll, Data Point To Vast Social Polarization In US
by David Walsh
Poverty’s Up, Yet Still On The Back Burner
by Bob Herbert
Missing The Story: The OECD’s Analysis Of Inequality
by David Rosnick and Dean Baker
Poverty: The New Growth Industry In America
by Dean Baker
The American People Are Angry

She’s Back: World’s Richest Woman Makes Case For $2-A-Day Pay
by David Lazarus,0,6971046.story
Politics And Plutocrats: A Parade Of Inequality
by Gar Smith
Cuts In US Jobless Pay,
Government Layoffs Throw 1.5 Million More People Into Poverty
by Andre Damon
US Middle Class In ‘Lost Decade’ As Income Falls
How Americans View Wealth And Inequality
by Dan Ariely
Household Income Fell In 2011
by Matthew Yglesias
Chris Hedges: The Absurdity Of American Empire

US Census Report: Record Numbers In Poverty And Widening Inequality
by Barry Grey
Men’s Incomes Have Declined 28% Since 1968: Study
by Joe McKendrick
The Revolution From Above
by Paul Craig Roberts
The Rich Are Now 288 Times Richer Than Middle-Class Households
by David Lazarus,0,1844262.story
The US Poverty Report And The Obama “Recovery”
by Andre Damon and Barry Grey
Rich-Poor Gap Widens To Most Since 1967 As Income Falls
by Catherine Dodge and Mike Dorning
65 Years Of Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Created Record ‘Inequality’
Not ‘Prosperity,’ Says Report
by Common Dreams Staff
Net Worth Of Richest Americans Soars By 13 Percent In 2012
by Shannon Jones
Poverty And Hunger In America
Food Stamps Work, Lifting People Out Of The Worst Deprivation. But In Austin, Texas, We See The Human Cost Of Growing Inequality
by John Turner
Half Of Americans In Poverty Are Politically Independent
by Elizabeth Mendes and Kyley McGeeney
U.S. Income Inequality:
It’s Worse Today Than It Was In 1774
by Jordan Weissmann
5 Obscene Reasons Why Richest Americans Grow Richer As Middle-Class Declines
The Super-Rich Have Learned A New Lesson: It Is Far Better To Take Than To Make
by Les Leopold
Inequality Report Card
We Evaluate How Well Members Of Congress Do In Supporting Legislation And Measures To Narrow America’s Widening Economic Divide
by Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Scott Klinger and Sam Pizzigati
Ignoring America’s Poor (Video and Text)
With 46 Million People Living In Poverty, Why Are The Presidential Candidates So Quiet On Issues Affecting The Poor?
The Danger Of Wealth At The Top
by Paul R. Pillar
New York City Housing Crisis Reflects Record Inequality
by Fred Mazelis
Why It Matters: Income Inequality
by Christopher S. Rugaber
How Technology Is Fueling Urban Inequality
by Alexis Madrigal
Lies Of Plutocracy: Exploding Five Myths That Dehumanize The Poor
by Jeff Nall
Inequality: Living In The Second Gilded Age
by Brad DeLong
In Sandy’s Wake, New York’s Landscape Of Inequity Revealed
by Michelle Chen
Nearly 50 Million Living In Poverty In US
by Kate Randall
Ten Numbers The Rich Would Like Fudged
The Numbers Reveal The Deadening Effects Of Inequality In Our Country, And Confirm That Tax Avoidance, Rather Than A Lack Of Middle-Class Initiative, Is The Cause.
by Paul Buchheit
The Social Crisis In The US
by Andre Damon
37 Facts About How Cruel This Economy Has Been To Millions Of Desperate American Families
by Michael
Study: American Households Hit 43-Year Low In Net Worth
Income Inequality In The United States Fuels Pessimism And Threatens Social Cohesion
by Eric M. Uslaner
Inequality And Its Perils
Emerging Research Suggests That The Growing Gap Between Rich And Poor Harms The U.S. Economy By Creating Instability And Suppressing Growth.
by Jonathan Rauch
Ten Ways To Reduce Inequality Without Raising Tax Rates
by Dylan Matthews
How Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan Can Close the Huge Racial Wealth Gap
by Imara Jones
One In Seven US Seniors Live In Poverty
Fiscal Cliff Cuts Threaten Austerity for 50 Million Americans Already in Poverty
Our Nurses See Dire Need Every Day In The ER, But The Growing Gulf Of Inequality In The Us Has Made Such Deprivation Ubiquitous
by Rose Ann DeMoro
Report Details Massive Growth Of Social Inequality Across US
by Nick Barrickman
It’s Wages, Stupid! Progressive Tax Reform Alone Will Do Little
To Close The Gap Between Haves And Productive Have-Nots
by Christopher Petrella
We’re Tumbling Over An Inequity Cliff
by Imara Jones
60 Facts That Prove The American Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out
by Michael Snyder
Inequality Rages As Dwindling Wages Lock Millions In Poverty
New Study Shows Just How Hard ‘Working Poor’ Got Hit In Wake Of 2008 Crisis
by Jon Queally
The Cost Of Inequality: How Wealth And Income Extremes Hurt Us All
The World Must Urgently Set Goals To Tackle Extreme Inequality And Extreme Wealth
Profits Of World’s 100 Wealthiest Could End Poverty Four Times Over: Report
Oxfam Report Shows How Extreme Global Inequality ‘Hurts Us All’
by Jon Queally
The Triumph Of The 9 Percent
by Matthew Yglesias
Big Banks And Income Disparity
by Wallace Turbeville
Class Is A Five-Letter Dirty Word: The Lack Of Class Consciousness In An Era Of Record Inequality
by Anthony DiMaggio
The Problem Isn’t Growth; The Problem Is Inequality
by Salvatore Babones
Richie Rich Gets Richer — World

2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally

If Americans Realized How Bad Income Inequality Was Here,
We Could Have Our Own Cyprus Situation
by Michael
America Split In Two: Five Ugly Extremes Of Inequality
by Paul Buchheit
Income Growth For Bottom 90 Percent Of Americans Averaged Just $59 Over 4 Decades: Analysis (Video and Text)
Income Inequality: 1 Inch To 5 Miles
by David Cay Johnston
The Biggest Peaceful Coup In World History
The American Middle Class Is Almost Gone
by Al Cronkrite
Huey Long: Share The Wealth
December 1934. Huey Long Speaks Passionately About Income Inequality And The Wealthy In The United States.

American Winter – Preview Of The Documentary

Global Wealth Inequality – What You Never Knew You Never Knew

Bill Moyers Essay: The United States Of Inequality (Video)
Profits Just Hit Another All-Time High, Wages Just Hit Another All-Time Low
Child Poverty In US Among The Highest In Developed World
by Nick Barrickman
UNICEF: U.S. Kids Worse Off Than Many Of Their Western Counterparts
by Caitlin Dewey and Max Fisher
Sobering Presentation Reveals The Two Economies In America
by Sam Ro
Report: Wealthy Thrive And Poorest Dive As Surge In US Inequality Continues
Researcher: “The Income Recovery Thus Far For A Wide Swath Of Us Households Has Not Existed”
by Lauren McCauley
New Report Finds Increase In Social Inequality During US “Recovery”
by Ed Hightower
Congress Ignores The Poor Yet Again
by Matthew Yglesias
Recovery For The 7 Percent
by Paul Craig Roberts
A Rise In Wealth For The Wealthy; Declines For The Lower 93%
An Uneven Recovery, 2009-2011
by Richard Fry and Paul Taylor
22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer
by Michael Snyder
Wealthiest Americans Only Winners In Recovery, Pew Study Says The U.S. Economy Has Recovered For Households With Net Worth Of $500,000 Or More, A New Study Shows. The Recession Continues For Almost Everyone Else.
by Frank Bass
The Social Crisis In America
by Andre Damon
Unequal By Design
It’s No Accident That Inequality Has Grown To Staggering Levels–Capitalism Is Organized To Make The Rich Super-Richer. So What’s The Alternative?
The Racial Wealth Divide: Why Housing Matters (Infographic)
by Jamilah King
Inequality And Growth
by Salvatore Babones
APA Task force On Childhood Poverty
Actual US Poverty Twice Official Figure

Wealth From Economic “Recovery” Has Gone To The Richest Americans
by Nick Barrickman
America Feeds The Rich
by Leo Gerard Makes Plain What Inequality Is
by Jane Yurechko
Wall Street Banks Extract Enormous Fees From The Paychecks Of Millions Of American Workers
by Michael Snyder
Poverty And Race In America, Then And Now
‘Two American Families’: Is There Hope For The Middle Class? (Video)
Bill Moyers Chronicles The Lives Of Two Families –
One Black, One White — For Two Decades
New Record: 15 Percent Of Americans On Food Stamps
The Latest USDA Report Shows That 47.8 Million Americans, Which Make Up 15 Percent Of The Country, Are Receiving The Benefits.
The World Peaked In 1978
by Janet Fang
Blessed Are The Rich
by Jim Hightower
44 Facts About The Death Of The Middle Class That Every American Should Know
by Michael Snyder
Poor Prospects In A “Middle Class” Society
The Vast Majority Of Americans Will Experience Poverty And Economic Insecurity For A Significant Portion Of Their Lives.
by Gary Lapon
Park Avenue (Film)
Money, Power And The American Dream — Why Poverty?

How Billionaire ‘Philanthropy’ Is Fueling Inequality And Helping To Destroy The Country
Much Of Philanthropy Today Has Become A Weapon In The Class Warfare Of The 1 Percent.
by Prashanth Kamalakanthan
Why Do The People Raising Our Children Earn Poverty Wages?

Why Can’t Democracy Trump Inequality?
by Sam Pizzigati
Millennials Love Living With Their Parents [Infographic]
If By “Love” You Mean “Can’t Afford To Leave.”
by Shaunacy Ferro
A Decade Of Flat Wages
The Key Barrier To Shared Prosperity And A Rising Middle Class
by Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz
US Economic Policy: Keeping Wages Flat Since 1979
Pro-Worker Policies Have Been Under Attack For A Generation, But The Last Decade Has Been Simply Devastating, Says Report
by Jon Queally
The High Probability Of Being Poor
The Number Of Americans That Struggle With Joblessness And Poverty Throughout Their Lifetime Is Still Exceedingly High.
by Matt Bruenig
A Decade Of Flat Wagesthe Key Barrier To Shared Prosperity And A Rising Middle Class
by Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz
The Political Calculations Behind Growing Inequality
A Gusher Of Campaign Cash Is Driving Our Politicians To Comfort The Already Comfortable.
by Sam Pizzigati
95 Percent Of Recovery Income Gains Have Gone To The Top 1 Percent
by Matthew Yglesias
Top 1% Take Biggest Income Slice On Record
by Matt Krantz
Unprecedented Inequality:
The Top 1 Percent Captured 95% Of the Income Gains Since 2009

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